enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in emo1yrics,

Metamorphosis by enigmacyofme

Sugar spills from bowls of blood red
Wine leaves stains, like strychnine
I'll poison you.

Fall to my knees,
And conjure up a dream as sudden breeze sweeps through the trees.
I'll imagine you next to me, I'll imagine my heaven.

As your insinuating scent shifts through a hole,
Reaches the doors to my soul.
I strain my eyes to see you through the mist,
but all I catch is a glimpse.
And what's left, is this...

Blurry lines written a million years past the time they were supposed to be written,
But maybe there's a sense simply called guilt.
Maybe I wasn't ready to write,
My mind itself was a scary thing to define, just spent my days biting nails to pass time.

Well here I am. Rambling on, like a lunatic.
And you are there...somewhere...over there?
It's only your ghost that lingers,
It's only your shadow that remains.

I've killed you.
Let me correct myself, I've killed who you were.
For the two selves can not be associated under one term.
It's comparing falcons to pigeons...they just aren't the same.

Your flavor swings like a boat, side to side.
And you've got metamorphosis backwards, its no longer caterpillars to butterflies.
But what hurts me the most,
But what makes me cry...

I did this to you.
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