enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in emo1yrics,

THE SUN STILL BURNS by enigmacyofme

And when fresh air permeates your cancerous lungs,
And when sunflowers bloom in beauty,
And even when flowers fall...
I'll be there,
A shadow without a name.

And when death descends from your fingers,
And when spring arrives,
And even when raindrops fall...
I'll be there,
Another shadow to maim.

And when the sun blooms in yellow on October sky,
And when tears run below your eye,
And even when stars die,never to fly.
I'll be there,
A shadow to remain.

Through all, you'll stay in eminence,
Reign over me with prominence.
Rip this beating thing out of my chest,
It's yours, please take it.

And I'll kiss you under the veil of midnight
Never to part again.
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