enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in emo1yrics,

Plastic Trees by enigmacyofme

The frame crooked and empty,
There's a hole where our love is supposed to be.
God said the truth will set me free,
All I see is chains around my knees.

Down the highway, down the path,
Down the road, down the pass.
Death's coming, I'm still running...

To you,
I address my final words
But thoughts escape like bluebirds.
And to the vinyards they go,
Holding plans only they know.

With string laced in gold,
A red ribbon 'round your tongue,
Your existance patrolled,
I'll have you hung.

Stay with me forever
You will not refuse.
Your rotting corpse so tender,
A sun amongst the slews.

But even the sun goes away,
Just like everything else,
I know I can't keep you.
I'm certain,
I can't even keep myself.
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