enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in emo1yrics,

Give it Another Thought by enigmacyofme

Stars blink out from unearthly skies,
Mars flies away and hope dies.
Galaxies turn to mist,
And another sunset missed.

No need to apologize,
Emptyness will change your mind.
Hollow becomes redifined.
Hollow becomes your very life.

But if you payed me ten bucks, I'd kill her,
Leave the blood dripping down the bedroom mirror.
What does it matter when you die,
If your existance is a lie?

Take another step,
And fall right back,
Into the fantasies,
Into your wreck.

Take another fabrication,
let it flow into unsuspecting ears.
Take another deception,
let it blind the eyes of the healthy.

Los Angeles will sing from upon high-reaching trees,
New York shall rejoice in praise,
And all the monkies will say:
'What a great lie I've been fed today!'
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