enigmacyofme (enigmacyofme) wrote in emo1yrics,

Your neon eyes by enigmacyofme

A shadow in the crowd of nobodies,
A mirror image of everyone else,
I stand out,
But not to you.

Your neon eyes blinking vacancy,
Then your neon eyes lay unblinkingly.

Let the razor be left on the floor
The stagnant blood marks a spot in the core
Slashed wrists and slashed hearts
Fuck the slashes and leave the love

And if I had the guts to tell you
You'd leave me in the rear view.
And if I had the guts to tell you
I'd leave you my one honest virtue.

You sent me reeling from decapitated dreams,
Defeated, I stagger on.
Unashamed, show me the scar.

Wounded in battle,
They took not my leg, but my soul.
They took not me, but stained knives.

And I'm trying to work all these problems through,
There's nothing left to do,
But prove myself to you.

Leave me black and blue,
A hole in the center,
This is adieu.

'Cause there's no room in this hell,
There is no room anywhere else,
So I sleep in this dingy motel,
Where can I go?
Pray tell this misery of men

Your memory will remain,
Until fresh liquid circulates the vein
And even I fail, I tried not in vain.
Your worth every thought,
Worth every praise.

And if all these words stab,
Like daggers in your back
I still mean them.
I love you.
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