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EMO//lyrics [entries|friends|calendar]

And hey, I choose my company by the beating of their hearts Not the swelling of their heads.
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Lyrics [Tuesday, November 2nd @ 9:46pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

 Looking for lyrics about a guy who loses the trust of a girl he loves, and how hes going to show her how much he loves her


help please <3 [Friday, January 22nd @ 6:30pm]

Songs and lyrics about wanting to be there for someone, but it just isn't the right time? Lyrics about being apart, and breaking down?

thank you :)

the used new album [Friday, August 28th @ 1:46pm]
im so psyched for the used's new album "artwork". Here's the video to their single "blood on my hands"


this monday they're having a listening party on twitter. check it out!


Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes! [Tuesday, June 30th @ 8:08pm]

Hey there! There's a new band in Miami working on a myspace right now but if you like experimental indie music check it out. The band is called Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes. Check them out at


Feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!

OMG, How funny is this... [Friday, June 26th @ 11:43am]
Check out this awesome vid for MCR's Venganza Vest:


[Tuesday, June 9th @ 7:13pm]

I sure hope this path has an end by enigmacyofme

Eyes to mouth,
there's a bullet trickling slow.
Heart to brain,
Frozen like snow.

Pleasure to end all pleasures,
take me from this hold.

Pain has nowhere left to flow,
Rain has nowhere left to fall,
Blades have nowhere left to cut,

Left in the middle of the sea,
I will reach an island.
Entangled in a cloud of gray,
I will reach the sun.
Directed towards places unknown,
I will find my way.

And let the stars not be my guide,
for they fall just like I.
And let the moon not show my path,
escape from heaven's wrath...

I can't.

[Friday, May 15th @ 11:35pm]

Metamorphosis by enigmacyofme

Sugar spills from bowls of blood red
Wine leaves stains, like strychnine
I'll poison you.

Fall to my knees,
And conjure up a dream as sudden breeze sweeps through the trees.
I'll imagine you next to me, I'll imagine my heaven.

As your insinuating scent shifts through a hole,
Reaches the doors to my soul.
I strain my eyes to see you through the mist,
but all I catch is a glimpse.
And what's left, is this...

Blurry lines written a million years past the time they were supposed to be written,
But maybe there's a sense simply called guilt.
Maybe I wasn't ready to write,
My mind itself was a scary thing to define, just spent my days biting nails to pass time.

Well here I am. Rambling on, like a lunatic.
And you are there...somewhere...over there?
It's only your ghost that lingers,
It's only your shadow that remains.

I've killed you.
Let me correct myself, I've killed who you were.
For the two selves can not be associated under one term.
It's comparing falcons to pigeons...they just aren't the same.

Your flavor swings like a boat, side to side.
And you've got metamorphosis backwards, its no longer caterpillars to butterflies.
But what hurts me the most,
But what makes me cry...

I did this to you.

When it's hard to be yourself... [Wednesday, May 13th @ 7:41pm]

"Hold On" - Jet

You tried so hard to be someone
That you forgot who you are
You tried to fill some emptiness
'Til all you had spilled over
Now everything's so far away
That you don't know where you are.

[Monday, May 11th @ 10:35pm]

THE SUN STILL BURNS by enigmacyofme

And when fresh air permeates your cancerous lungs,
And when sunflowers bloom in beauty,
And even when flowers fall...
I'll be there,
A shadow without a name.

And when death descends from your fingers,
And when spring arrives,
And even when raindrops fall...
I'll be there,
Another shadow to maim.

And when the sun blooms in yellow on October sky,
And when tears run below your eye,
And even when stars die,never to fly.
I'll be there,
A shadow to remain.

Through all, you'll stay in eminence,
Reign over me with prominence.
Rip this beating thing out of my chest,
It's yours, please take it.

And I'll kiss you under the veil of midnight
Never to part again.

[Tuesday, April 21st @ 6:08pm]

YOU WON'T FORGET by enigmacyofme

Let the space in your lungs be filled with bullets and guns.
Leave the air out for a day,
Just let yourself decay...
You do it anyway.

I'll be waiting at the corner store,
An empty body bag, nothing more.
As the flies buzz o'er head,
I'll leave you for the dead.

Unmasked snakes crawl upon your walls,
From morning's golden shine, until twilight's calls.
You catch them one-by-one, careful of your kill,
but yet new snakes lay unstill.

Every thief has a secret.
If I whisper mine in your ear,
Will you keep it?
If I named my fear,
Would you believe it?

Space and time distort the mind,
But love destroys.
Use your heart to think, to believe,
But KNOW you never will.

As I steal you to your eternal night,
My mind wanders to sunlight...


[Monday, April 13th @ 9:27pm]


Leave the wound at your head,
Leave your heart torn.
Because everything has a place
And everything has a home.
...But I don't

Like fallen rain,
I'm falling for you.
A knife needs a blade,
I need you.

What does it mean to be loved?

My eyes fixated upon yours,
But you avoid my glance.
Our love, is not a romance...

You gave me your promises,
I believed your lies.
You gave me your body,
But where is your mind?

Tied to time,
I'll pretend to be you.
Learn your lines,
I'll break hearts in two.

And nevermore is she mine,
Always there, Always divine,
Nevermore, is she mine.
001 ; Cmnt

[Wednesday, April 1st @ 11:56pm]

Plastic Trees by enigmacyofme

The frame crooked and empty,
There's a hole where our love is supposed to be.
God said the truth will set me free,
All I see is chains around my knees.

Down the highway, down the path,
Down the road, down the pass.
Death's coming, I'm still running...

To you,
I address my final words
But thoughts escape like bluebirds.
And to the vinyards they go,
Holding plans only they know.

With string laced in gold,
A red ribbon 'round your tongue,
Your existance patrolled,
I'll have you hung.

Stay with me forever
You will not refuse.
Your rotting corpse so tender,
A sun amongst the slews.

But even the sun goes away,
Just like everything else,
I know I can't keep you.
I'm certain,
I can't even keep myself.

[Thursday, March 26th @ 6:22pm]

Give it Another Thought by enigmacyofme

Stars blink out from unearthly skies,
Mars flies away and hope dies.
Galaxies turn to mist,
And another sunset missed.

No need to apologize,
Emptyness will change your mind.
Hollow becomes redifined.
Hollow becomes your very life.

But if you payed me ten bucks, I'd kill her,
Leave the blood dripping down the bedroom mirror.
What does it matter when you die,
If your existance is a lie?

Take another step,
And fall right back,
Into the fantasies,
Into your wreck.

Take another fabrication,
let it flow into unsuspecting ears.
Take another deception,
let it blind the eyes of the healthy.

Los Angeles will sing from upon high-reaching trees,
New York shall rejoice in praise,
And all the monkies will say:
'What a great lie I've been fed today!'

[Thursday, March 5th @ 11:52pm]

Your neon eyes by enigmacyofme

A shadow in the crowd of nobodies,
A mirror image of everyone else,
I stand out,
But not to you.

Your neon eyes blinking vacancy,
Then your neon eyes lay unblinkingly.

Let the razor be left on the floor
The stagnant blood marks a spot in the core
Slashed wrists and slashed hearts
Fuck the slashes and leave the love

And if I had the guts to tell you
You'd leave me in the rear view.
And if I had the guts to tell you
I'd leave you my one honest virtue.

You sent me reeling from decapitated dreams,
Defeated, I stagger on.
Unashamed, show me the scar.

Wounded in battle,
They took not my leg, but my soul.
They took not me, but stained knives.

And I'm trying to work all these problems through,
There's nothing left to do,
But prove myself to you.

Leave me black and blue,
A hole in the center,
This is adieu.

'Cause there's no room in this hell,
There is no room anywhere else,
So I sleep in this dingy motel,
Where can I go?
Pray tell this misery of men

Your memory will remain,
Until fresh liquid circulates the vein
And even I fail, I tried not in vain.
Your worth every thought,
Worth every praise.

And if all these words stab,
Like daggers in your back
I still mean them.
I love you.

The Sleeping - "3 Cigarettes" [Saturday, February 28th @ 1:08pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Three cigarettes deeper and deeper,
I've been drinking more and eating less.
It's a mess without you laying here.
It's a mess without you laying here.
I know it can be all right, if I just wait it out and try to rest.
It's a mess without you laying here.
I'm a mess, I'm a mess, I am a mess.

I'm in a corner in a pit, they can shock it or what.
Do you care? Are you there? Are you listening?
I'll smash my head against the wall.
I'll stab every picture in its heart.
You're a snake and your slithering along.

I could ask myself a thousand times a night.
Why am I at fault for someone else's lies?
And I could ask myself a thousand times but why?
Why do I blame my self?
We don't have to blame ourselves.

I'm in a corner in a pit, they can shock it or what.
Do you care? Are you there? Are you listening?
I'll smash my head against the wall.
I'll stab every picture in its heart.
You're a snake and you're slithering.
For the thought that I can escape with the wind.
A cold heart, bad blood, and I've been bitten, Oh I've been bitten.

I could ask myself a thousand times a night.
Why am I at fault for someone else's lies?
I could ask myself a thousand times but why?
Why do I blame myself?
We don't have to blame ourselves.
We don't have to blame ourselves.
Noooo, Noooo, oooohh noooo.
It's all going away.

I could ask myself a thousand times a night.
Why am I at fault for someone else's lies?
I could ask myself a thousand times but why?
Why do I blame myself?

Three cigarettes deeper and deeper,
I've been drinking more and eating less.
It's a mess without you laying here.
I'm a mess, I'm a mess, I am a mess...

im very curious [Tuesday, February 24th @ 11:58pm]

to see what kind of skill people have on here. please feel free to leave a verse or two of your writing. they can be lyrics youve done, a stanza, a haiku, a part of your personal memoir -- i just want to be impressed. and im sure everybody else on here would be interested to see what kind of talent the people have on here

ATTN: please be respectful. if you dont like what somebody wrote, that is fine, just be respectful. there is nothing wrong with a little constructed criticism. but keep the insults to yourself =]

002 ; Cmnt

hmmm [Wednesday, January 21st @ 1:18pm]

looking for something along the lines of "we like each other, lets jump in already"

help appreciates xoxoxo

Third Eye Blind - Why Can't You Be [Friday, January 16th @ 3:24am]

[ mood | drunk ]

"Why can't you be the part of me that's missing?
Instead of leaving me for some other,
Said we're perfect for each other,
And I know we won't go spend our lives alone.

Can we, just leave it be?
And we can live, our lives, separately.
Could you forget, what happens to you, you and me?
When we're dead, and we'll be dead, we'll have eternity.
And I will spend it all, missing you, seeing you with me.
So all of them are lying.
I will always be.

Why can't you be thinking a little deeper into me?
Like JD Salinger.
Why do i challenge her,
In all these surface ways that you displease?
Why can't you be a little more at ease?

Why can't you be like a hand rolled cigarette? I'm not joking.
This masochistic self pity of smoking and this hitty-ditty.
I keep provoking you to leave me.

And she said,
Why can't you be,
Like a candle I can snuff?
You're still a diamond in the rough.
And I swear to God,
I've had enough.

How can I,
Call your bluff?


distance. [Friday, November 28th @ 9:51pm]

lyrics, quotes, anything about distance, waiting for someone, missing someone.

kthanks &hearts;
001 ; Cmnt

[Sunday, October 19th @ 4:54am]

[ mood | crappy ]

"I then stayed up for two more years just thinking of the sacrifice you made
Indifferent to the reason so apparent in the pain
I polished off another drink and taught myself to numb and drift away
For one more night so I could justify the day

So now I entertain the thought of going on all alone
But you are all the life I've ever known

I swear one day I'll get it back something that is already dead and gone
Again i see the trumpet player looking for his song
Don't worry I won't follow you, that part of me is learning to let got
What was a space is like a cancer in my soul"

The Feel Good Record of The Year
by a band called
No Use For a Name



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