Looking for lyrics about a guy who loses the trust of a girl he loves, and how hes going to show her how much he loves her
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Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes!

Hey there! There's a new band in Miami working on a myspace right now but if you like experimental indie music check it out. The band is called Hippocrypt & The Metro Gnomes. Check them out at


Feel free to leave a comment! Thanks!
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I sure hope this path has an end by enigmacyofme

Eyes to mouth,
there's a bullet trickling slow.
Heart to brain,
Frozen like snow.

Pleasure to end all pleasures,
take me from this hold.

Pain has nowhere left to flow,
Rain has nowhere left to fall,
Blades have nowhere left to cut,

Left in the middle of the sea,
I will reach an island.
Entangled in a cloud of gray,
I will reach the sun.
Directed towards places unknown,
I will find my way.

And let the stars not be my guide,
for they fall just like I.
And let the moon not show my path,
escape from heaven's wrath...

I can't.
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Metamorphosis by enigmacyofme

Sugar spills from bowls of blood red
Wine leaves stains, like strychnine
I'll poison you.

Fall to my knees,
And conjure up a dream as sudden breeze sweeps through the trees.
I'll imagine you next to me, I'll imagine my heaven.

As your insinuating scent shifts through a hole,
Reaches the doors to my soul.
I strain my eyes to see you through the mist,
but all I catch is a glimpse.
And what's left, is this...

Blurry lines written a million years past the time they were supposed to be written,
But maybe there's a sense simply called guilt.
Maybe I wasn't ready to write,
My mind itself was a scary thing to define, just spent my days biting nails to pass time.

Well here I am. Rambling on, like a lunatic.
And you are there...somewhere...over there?
It's only your ghost that lingers,
It's only your shadow that remains.

I've killed you.
Let me correct myself, I've killed who you were.
For the two selves can not be associated under one term.
It's comparing falcons to pigeons...they just aren't the same.

Your flavor swings like a boat, side to side.
And you've got metamorphosis backwards, its no longer caterpillars to butterflies.
But what hurts me the most,
But what makes me cry...

I did this to you.
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THE SUN STILL BURNS by enigmacyofme

And when fresh air permeates your cancerous lungs,
And when sunflowers bloom in beauty,
And even when flowers fall...
I'll be there,
A shadow without a name.

And when death descends from your fingers,
And when spring arrives,
And even when raindrops fall...
I'll be there,
Another shadow to maim.

And when the sun blooms in yellow on October sky,
And when tears run below your eye,
And even when stars die,never to fly.
I'll be there,
A shadow to remain.

Through all, you'll stay in eminence,
Reign over me with prominence.
Rip this beating thing out of my chest,
It's yours, please take it.

And I'll kiss you under the veil of midnight
Never to part again.
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YOU WON'T FORGET by enigmacyofme

Let the space in your lungs be filled with bullets and guns.
Leave the air out for a day,
Just let yourself decay...
You do it anyway.

I'll be waiting at the corner store,
An empty body bag, nothing more.
As the flies buzz o'er head,
I'll leave you for the dead.

Unmasked snakes crawl upon your walls,
From morning's golden shine, until twilight's calls.
You catch them one-by-one, careful of your kill,
but yet new snakes lay unstill.

Every thief has a secret.
If I whisper mine in your ear,
Will you keep it?
If I named my fear,
Would you believe it?

Space and time distort the mind,
But love destroys.
Use your heart to think, to believe,
But KNOW you never will.

As I steal you to your eternal night,
My mind wanders to sunlight...